About Arline

Arline Hodges is the consummate educator with a B.S. and M.S. in Education and 40 years of teaching and business education. She has taught all ages. In the past several years she has been called upon to mentor candidates and inductees for professional consulting.

Arline HodgesThis challenge has led her to delve deeper into researching Ancient Wisdom and the Divine Sciences. When we look back in history, we read the same personal life-stories repeating themselves in today’s modern world with false beliefs systems that create blocks in our lives.

Along this pathway for self-discovery, Arline became fascinated with how the mental climate of Ancient Wisdom is relevant to each of us today and how profoundly man’s discovery of himself and the Universe goes hand-in-hand. Hermes coined the phrase: “As above, so below.” Through Destiny Cards, which demonstrate how numbers determine our lot in life, and through Astrology, the most accurate system of divination ever discovered, Arline uses the experience of past wisdom to lift the veil and to reveal the Divine Plan in each of our lives.