How I Found The Destiny Cards

by Arline Hodges

I am still having deep thoughts about the concept of a book I discovered. Like Shirley McLaine who walked into a bookstore and had a book literally fall from the bookshelf and hit her on the head. I, too, stumbled on a book of a deep and mystical nature that changed my life.

Wait, I am getting ahead of myself! Finding the Destiny Cards and the world of Astrology was the destination but it took thousands of miles between Oregon and California to materialize into my life. I am a native Oregonian who always disliked the rain and grey skies and it took a divorce in mid-life (which means my children were now adults) to allow me to consider that I might do something outrageous such as move by myself to a place I had always dreamed of where the sun shined almost nonstop. I did move and found a new life and 20 years later traveled back to Oregon to care for my ill mother. Now, I am caught up and you can read on – we’ll get back to Shirley McLaine in a moment.

Actually, having returned, a couple of years passed and thought I would probably never leave. However, Mother’s passing and after her intensive care needs, I needed a break. I decided to visit some of my California friends. The grey skies were turning blue again!

What’s Your Card? by Arne LeinUpon arrival at the Palm Springs airport, my friend picked me up and asked if I would mind making a quick stop at a bookstore. It seems one of her friends had recommended that she check out a book, What’s Your Card? by Arne Lein. We shared an interest in metaphysical literature and she told me that Mr. Lein’s book was truly a magnificent insight into the human condition. Stop at a bookstore – Yes! a great idea. Bookstores hold a fascination for me for several reasons. I almost always find something there that changes my life like happened to Shirley McLaine as I mentioned earlier.

Upon purchasing the book, she talked excitedly about its condition as we walked back to the car. It seems this is a rare book and they had just one copy that was in excellent condition. Oh yes, our lives are already changing! She drove and I poured through the pages. We fed each other’s enthusiasm.

Once we got home, some food passed by our lips but mostly we took turns turning pages of the newly found book and letting out squeals and giggles and lots of wow’s. At first, we found the book concentrated on the days of the year and the point was to find your birthday and read about it. The descriptions of each of our birthdays was for lack of better words simply “right one?” Mr. Lein knew us better than we knew ourselves. There were times when we thought it was almost frightening but the thrill was more intense than the fear of someone knowing us so intimately.

What we gradually discovered was that the birthdays were based on the deck of playing cards. My friend was a Jack of Hearts and I was an 8 of Clubs. While it felt “silly” looking at a book that contains the tools of every gambler’s trade; but, intrigued, we continued. We couldn’t quit noticing how Mr. Lein’s descriptions perfectly described our current circumstances. Our faces were classic – eyes and mouths wide open in amazement.

Arne Lein -Natal Chart (Placidus)We found that we were reading about an ancient system that had been secret for centuries. To learn the system would mean being able to reveal detailed information about the past, present and future of any card (birthday) in the areas of love, occupation, health, spirituality and more.

While I was invested into semi-retirement, my friend had decided to end her marriage and serve papers on her husband. What we had learned in the pages of the previously unavailable but valuable book was that her emphasis for the current year was a 5 of Hearts. This card indicated dissatisfaction with a relationship or big change in that relationship. My card, on the other hand, indicated that a considerable amount of financial gain in power would come to me. Bingo! We were mesmerized. We both looked at one another and, in concert, said, “He is amazing!” For here we have read about our circumstances that were written centuries ago. You can imagine just how amazed we were. Here, in the pages of a book was a script written about our lives from a man who had never even laid eyes on us. Needless to say, we spent the weekend learning more and more about ourselves and finding what heretofore been secrets about ourselves right before our eyes. And it was fun, exciting and although I am repeating myself – amazing—truly amazing.

As we read more and more, we found that we just couldn’t get enough. One interesting point is that my friend’s birthday is a Jack of Hearts and my birthday is connected with the 8 of Clubs. Between these two cards, there is a connecting card which is the King of Spades making a bond between the 8 of Clubs and the Jack of Hearts. This bond often forms a strong relationship between the three birthdays or cards. Looking over the years, we have known one another, this statement was a perfect statement—our friendship has stood the test of time. We are still friends to this date.

Cards of your Destiny by Robert Lee CampAt last the time had arrived for me to go back Oregon. Upon my arrival, I, too, purchased Mr.Lein’s book. Over a period of the next few months, I learned that there were other authors who wrote similar books on what is known as the Destiny Cards. You can imagine my delight when I found that the authors of the new books were alive as Arne Lein had passed away. This meant I could study with live teachers for I just absolutely had to learn more about the Destiny Cards and with a simple phone call, I met Robert Camp who became my first teacher. Looking back I realize I have spent a great many years traveling, studying, teaching and counseling, and gained considerable knowledge with the Cards. This could be called a happy beginning to a happy ending. For Destiny has truly chosen me to learn some of life’s greatest mysteries and to share it with others.

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