Origin of Astrology

Astrology has had a fascinating history. Cultures around the world were observing and recording the planetary movements in the skies. The Chaldeans recorded the first known astrological tables from as early as 3,400 B.C. and observation of the planetary cycles were found to relate to important events here on earth such as the weather.

The Greeks, already advanced in the fields of mathematics, medicine, geometry and philosophy, inherited Babylonian and forms of Egyptian Astrology and further enhanced the early methods into more scientific analysis.

Astrology has since experienced ups and downs as its influences ranged from forecasting events, fortune-telling and to its present form of psychology. Because of its accuracy, Astrology deserves to eventually become considered as a science. Today, the computer has simplified calculations and consequently the accuracy of planetary motion.

We now can predict and analyze world events, economic trends or social factors, and, from past events, also recognize present time and future events. We can also ask personal items such as “will I get the job” or “does he love me” questions.

A real bonus is using Astrology as a tool for self-understanding, spiritual and psychological enlightenment. Astrology works because the same vibrational force that moves the planets moves us. We all reflect the same cycles and patterns.

However, please note that there are no “bad planets” or “bad charts” as we all have free will and must learn to take full responsibility for the world we have created for ourselves. If we are not happy with our choices, we can make better choices based the astrological information provided for us by our birth date.

Benefits for You

With the basic knowledge of Astrology and how the planets, signs and departments of life fit together, I can create a personal synthesized interpretation for you.

With an astrological interpretation, you will be able to clearly understand some of your past behaviors or decisions that have misled you into problems.

The list that follows can reveal the different departments of life which may have negatively affected you: money, relationships, health, siblings, education, sexuality, profession, cooperation, any difficulties, sense of self-identify, loss of support, security, partnerships, or lack of cooperation from open enemies, philosophy, status reputation, social aspirations and associations.

Observation over a long period of time shows that Astrology is unique in illuminating a person’s consciousness clearly, simply and accurately.



Astrology Reading

Here is your chance to get a copy of your own Astrology Natal Chart. The Reading of any astrological chart is based on ancient science as are the Destiny Cards. You will have an opportunity to see how your chart’s houses and planets work together to create your individual blueprint. This session also includes noting your Solar Return which will reveal your most current activities.


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Horary Charts – Your Urgent Questions Answered!

The word “Horary” literally means “of the hour”: The events in our lives are ongoing as you know. However, the celestial events are mirrored on earth and can be read by a competent astrologer to save you time, frustration, and heartache. Be sure to note the time you have made the decision to ask the question in the proper blank in the Order Form. When I have that information, I will use an astrological chart to interpret your answer.

Examples of questions:
Does he/she love me?
Will I get the job?
Is this a good investment?
Will the surgery be successful?


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Your Lucky Days

Have you noticed that life “seems” to give you “good” and “not-so-good” days. By identifying your “good/fortunate” days, you can calendar them and repeat their goodness!

I will use astrological techniques to identify your date for high probability for “success.”
There are approximately 50 such dates in a year.

These calculations are done by hand. To determine your High-Impact Days, please allow a week to receive your dates.


Upon placing your Order, you will be provided a link to return to the Destiny IS Your Success website to fill out your personal information form.

*Disclaimer – Please Read

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Would YOU like to follow YOUR personal Divine Plan and understand YOUR life purpose?

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