You and the Law of Vibration

by Arthyr Chadbourne

Throughout the ages wise sages knew one secret, that secret was the fact that the entire universe and all things within it are in a constant state of vibration. It is through this law that the state or condition with which everything exists either augments or declines in fulfilling its purpose for existence. While in harmony all things flow with ease and in an upwardly growth-orientated motion whereas disharmony becomes a destructive force, engaging in pitfalls and blockages. Nowhere in nature is this more apparent than in the human condition. Many people who have lived a life of frustration are constantly reminded of the fact that, in many ways, they are not “where they thought they would be” by the time they reach a certain age.

This is a critical time of life. It’s an awakening process that reveals that existence is truly unsatisfactory and one begins to wonder if there is indeed fate or providence at hand in their destiny. It is within this time frame that searching for answers may shed disparity in the hopes of enlightenment, and perhaps, find one’s innermost meaning for a life that is both gratifying and balanced.

However, as wonderful as the idea of self-discovery sounds, it requires someone who is unafraid to dream of an outstanding life with an abundance of love and happiness and is also willing to accept the work required! All too often, people are afraid of success, and ask themselves, “When I find this path, is it really for me? Do I dare or even deserve to live a life of happiness and abundance?” Believe it or not, these very questions have been asked since the dawn of mankind.

Law of Vibration

Over the years, many symbolic indications have been found to unlock the secrets of self-discovery and the success that comes from such knowledge. The Law of Vibratory orientation that is found in the arcane and ancient arts that can show a clear blueprint for making confident decisions to benefit you and make your heart sing with each passing day. The Universal Law of Vibration has been observed using the symbolic form of Astrology, Numerology and The Destiny Cards.

PS If you have yourself asking questions like, “Who am I?” What is my purpose? What are my gifts? What do I have to work harder at? Who is good for me – friend or lover? Check out Astrology, Destiny Cards and Numerology.

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